2:58pm September 2, 2014

Found the setlist, made the playlist, and now I’m stupidly happy. This was one of the best nights of my life.

2:13pm September 2, 2014
2:07pm September 2, 2014
My eyes are by far my best feature

My eyes are by far my best feature

1:59pm September 2, 2014
1:55pm September 2, 2014

Pokemon ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Follow for more Pokemon!


Pokemon ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Follow for more Pokemon!

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#probably the best explanation of a device in the tv history

This is literally my fourth or fifth time reblogging this.

It’s still hillarious.

One of my favorite lines

I kinda feel like the writers wrote this line specifically to drive the kind of fans who want to figure out how sci-fi tech would theoretically work crazy. They’re like “nope! We’re not going to give you any techno babble to tear apart or investigate or mull over to tell us how we’re doing it wrong, or how it compares in effectiveness to similar tech in other franchises.”

I also feel like this is one of those times when the TARDIS’s translation circuit just gave the fuck up. Like the ‘physics physics physics’ scene, where he is imparting secrets of the universe and the TARDIS is like THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS IN ENGLISH DAMN IT DOCTOR OH HELL FUCK IT.

OH MY GODS she TOTALLY edits his speech. I be he actually swears a fuckton but the TARDIS is like THERE ARE CHILDREN

"Fuck fuck fuckity fuck!" = "Run!"

1:45pm September 2, 2014


I’m not sure I do.

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1:16pm September 2, 2014
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Bohrok Posters (2002)

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the world is NOT a beautiful place

there is a fish that swims up urethras, anglerfish males dissolve their own face and turn into a gonad in order to reproduce, and there is a bug that drills his dick into the female because they don’t have vaginas

the world is a horrifying place

1:02pm September 2, 2014


when i find myself in times of trouble

the 12th doctor comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


12:46pm September 2, 2014


Dad Jokes: They’re So Legit Now 👨 by Thomas Sanders

12:45pm September 2, 2014

I laughed so hard.


I laughed so hard.

12:41pm September 2, 2014


Comparison shots of recent commissions!

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